The Land Board is a government agency under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Environment.

The agency participates in the development and implementation of national land policy, provides the society with up-to-date land-related information and guarantees the availability and fitness for use of spatial data.

The Land Board’s activities can be grouped into four major areas:

  • Implementation of national land policy (execution of land reform, administration of state-owned lands, sales of land not required for public purposes, acquisition of land in public interests);
  • Maintenance of land cadastre (management of cadastral data and guaranteeing their availability to the public, organising land surveying and control of surveying quality, organising land assessment);
  • Geoinformatics (management of spatial data, provision of spatial data services and coordination of geoinformation related activities);
  • Capture and management of geodetic, geological and topographic data (organising the establishment of geodetic networks, organising geological mapping, mapping of the Estonian territory, providing national topographic data and maps to the society).

Structure of Land Board at 01.07.2021

Last updated: 14.09.2021