Geoinformatics supports the best possible use of spatial data. Spatial data represent the location, size and shape of and object by numerical values in a geographic coordinate system. Spatial data are accessed, manipulated and analysed through Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Development of geographic information systems and the geoinformatics related activities at the Land Board support the agency’s other activities, e.g. the maintenance of land cadastre or address data system. At the same time geoinformatics is one of the Land Board’s main spheres of activity, which is responsible for the national coordination and cooperation in this field, for the development of interoperable geographic information systems, and which provides through a geoportal access to spatial data produced both by the Land Board and other agencies.

The Land Board:

  • coordinates and develops the spatial data infrastructure (SDI), provides high-quality spatial data and services;
  • acts as the contact point to the European Commission regarding the INSPIRE » Directive, and participates in the development of the European SDI;
  • performs tasks related to the management and development of the Estonian Topographic Database »;
  • produces and distributes spatial data and maps (including the digital Basic Map 1:10 000 » and backdrop maps for web map applications), ensures data updating in provided services;
  • exercises supervision over processing of spatial data, management of spatial datasets and rendering of spatial data services;
  • develops and implements geoinformatics related regulations and standards, and participates in relevant international working groups;
  • develops and provides support to satellite remote sensing services (ESTHub);
  • makes proposals for drafting or amending legislation in this field, and participates in the drafting process.

Land Board's Geoportal

The Land Board's Geoportal » provides descriptions of our spatial data and services, access to different map applications and information on the use of spatial data.

Estonian Geoportal

The Estonian geoportal » is a “gateway” through which spatial data that are owned by the Estonian state, local governments and other legal persons governed by public law are published and made available. These data comply with the INSPIRE Directive being thus compatible and usable in a transboundary context.

    Use of spatial data

    Last updated: 02.09.2021