New web application Satiladu (satellite imagery warehouse) delivers latest satellite data every evening

26.02.2021 | 08:35

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The Land Board has created a new web application Satiladu (, which provides access to satellite images of Estonia captured by the European Space Agency. Data are updated on daily basis and become available on the same evening.

The Land Board’s chief specialist Martin Menert hopes that the data will widely be used both in the extracurricular education and scientific research, as well as in prototyping new services. “With the help of an interactive map application it is possible to assess the potential added value of satellite data for your speciality, and it is also possible to create original map layers and share them with others,” said Menert.

The web application contains satellite images over Estonia starting from July 2015. Main emphasis is laid on introducing the possibilities of how to use different parts of light spectrum and major land cover indices. For comparison also a map layer in common colours is available.

 Further information: Martin Menert, chief specialist of the Land Board’s Department of Geoinformatics,


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