Three-dimensional spatial data of the Land Board received an award

29.09.2021 | 08:16

At this year’s Esri User Conference, participants recognised the results of the Land Board in creating a three-dimensional (3D) digital twin data set of the whole of Estonia, and making it available as open data, as worthy of the 2021 GIS Act of the Year award.
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In Tallinn, at the Esri User Conference on geoinformatics and mapping software ‘GIS – Through Geography’, the Geoinformatics or GIS-Act of the Year award was presented to the Geo3D project of the Land Board, which enables the user to obtain a detailed view of all buildings across Estonia from every angle and to spatially visualise their surroundings. The 3D data can be accessed in the map application and, if desired, downloaded to your computer from the Geoportal.

Artu Ellmann, Deputy Director General of the Land Board, pointed out that as a producer of big data, the Land Board is tasked with offering digital products and services based on spatial data to a wide range of consumers as well as professionals. ‘We are glad that our actions are being noticed and recognised,’ he added. ‘Estonia's first publicly accessible three-dimensional map solution is ready, and we hope that it will be widely used in the analysis of both the natural and anthropogenic environment and in making planning decisions. In the next few years, the Land Board’s portfolio of 3D data and services will be further expanded,’ said Ellmann.

Aivo Vard, Member of the Management Board of AlphaGIS and the organiser of the Esri User Conference, commented that ‘The creation of 3D data covering the whole of Estonia by the Land Board and making this data available as open data is a very important step in making the necessary services available in the information society. As a modern web service, this 3D data can be easily used in the daily work of many educational institutions, local governments, state agencies, and companies and has quickly found an application in many important areas.’

The 3D models of the Land Board have been created via automatic data processing of Airborne Laser Scanning data collected by the agency. The existing 3D mapping application allows 3D data to be placed in a standard context for the user, displaying it together with familiar data layers from other mapping applications of the Land Board, such as cadastral boundaries and land use restrictions. In addition to buildings, the map application also shows a ground elevation model, Airborne Laser Scanning point clouds in some cities, and modelled vegetation cover. The possibility to request information about a building from various registers was also created. The three-dimensional data of buildings are open data, which can be used by anyone to build their services in accordance with the terms and conditions of the license agreement.

The Esri User Conference was held for the 18th time. The Land Board last won the GIS Act of the Year award in 2016, for updating the geoportal.

Anu Ots

Public Relations Manager of the Land Board