Rail Baltic

Rail Baltic is an international, fast, and environmentally friendly electrified railway connection that connects Estonia more closely with Central and Western Europe and neighbouring countries.

The planned railway route in Estonia runs from Tallinn to Iklan through Harju, Rapla, and Pärnu counties. A total of 994 immovables remain under the railway infrastructure and its service objects, of which 167 are owned by the state, 74 are in municipal ownership, and 753 are in private ownership.

Pursuant to the cooperation agreement concluded between the Ministry of the Environment, the Land Board, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications on 6 September 2016, the Land Board deals with the acquisition of land.

The Land Consolidation Department of the Land Board participates in the project as the main structural unit.

More information about the Rail Baltica project is available on the Rail Baltica website.

Acquisition of land necessary for the construction of Rail Baltica

The Minister of Public Administration established the plans of Harju County for determining the location of the Rail Baltica railway route corridor with Directive No. 1.1‑4/41 of 13 February 2018; the plans of Pärnu County with Directive No. 1.1‑4/40 on 13 February 2018; and the plans of Rapla County with Directive No. 1.1-4/43 on 14 February 2018. The materials on county plans are available on the website of the Ministry of Finance. The location of the railway route corridor which has been determined with county plans is visible in the restrictions map application of the Geoportal of the Land Board. When the map application is opened, the ‘Rail Baltica route’ map layer must be switched on in the theme layers panel of the map application.

By the judgment of the Supreme Court of 19 May 2020 in case No. 3-18-529, Directive No. 1.1-4/40 of 13 February 2018 of the Minister of Public Administration ‘Establishment of the Pärnu County Plan “Determination of the Location of the Rail Baltica Railway Route Corridor”’ was partially repealed in respect of route sections 3A, 4A and 4H. The section of the repealed county plan is displayed in red in the restriction map application.

The preliminary design for the Estonian part of Rail Baltica was completed in October 2018, and in 2019, preparation of the basic project of the railway began.

The Land Board carries out the acquisition of land on the basis of the established county plans, the preliminary design documentation and basic project for the railway, and the detailed plans prepared for the planning of local objects.

Merje Krinal
Rail Baltic Project Manager
Phone +372 665 0753


Last updated: 04.10.2021