Address data

An address describes and defines the location of an object in geographical space. In Estonia, the quality and accuracy of address data shall be guaranteed by local governments.

All address data are managed in the Address Data System (ADS). ADS supports the maintenance of other datasets.

ADS contains about 2.4 million address objects, including approximately 1.1 million buildings, 0.6 million apartments and 0.7 million cadastral parcels.

Address data are available as open data.

Official addresses must be used by all national registers, e.g. Land Cadastre, Population Register, Construction Register, Land Register, Place Names Register, Land Tax Information System, Rescue Service, etc. But this data is used also by banks, utility companies and other private sector enterprises.

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The Land Board:

  • manages, organises and coordinates the maintenance of the Address Data System (ADS);
  • ensures the compatibility of ADS with other national datasets and information systems.

Address data can be discovered and searched through:

ADS has its own application programming interface (API), which is called In-ADS. This can be easily integrated into any website or web service and prioritises search results.

The In-ADS service is available at ».

Address Data Geocoding Service allows different input parameters to be chosen for batch geocoding and the results can be saved in a variety of file types.

The service is available at ».

Last updated: 02.09.2021