Geodesy is the discipline that deals with the measurement and representation of the Earth, including the gravity field, in a three-dimensional time-varying space.

The geodetic reference system is a complete system for positioning a point on the earth, including datum, coordinate description, coordinate system and possibly a projection.

The geodetic system serves as basis for spatial data infrastructure by ensuring that all datasets are maintained in a common coordinate system.

A geodetic network is a set of reference points at a given area derived from observations that tie the points together. ESTPOS is the new Estonian GNSS-RTK permanent stations network consisting of continuously operating reference stations. All surveying and mapping is based on geodetic control data.

These data are used in a wide range of application, e.g. geoid calculation, subsidence observations, geodynamic research, meteorology, etc.

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The Land Board:

  • manages, updates and specifies the geodetic system;
  • maintains and updates the Geodetic Point Database;
  • establishes and improvesnational and local geodetic networks;
  • manages the GNSS permanent stations network;
  • approves and conducts technical inspection of geodetic works;
  • is responsible for the administration and protection of geodetic marks;
  • is responsible for metrological assurance;
  • maintains the geodetic archive.


The main objective of the archive is to preserve geodetic data and civil engineering data collected by different organisations.

The geodetic archive contains approximately 78 000 items (reports, sketches, survey sheets, etc.), including:

  • projects, reports, sketches of geodetic networks, coordinates and sketches of geodetic network points, catalogues of heights
  • civil engineering survey records at scales 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000

Geodetic networks

  • National geodetic network
  • GNSS permanent stations
  • Local geodetic network
  • Levelling network
  • Geoid model
  • Gravity network

International cooperation in geodesy »

The Land Board participates actively in the work of the following international organisations:

  • (International Association of Geodesy) Reference Frame Sub-Commission for Europe (EUREF);
  • EUREF Permanent Network (EPN);
  • Nordic Geodetic Commission (NKG);
  • European Position Determination System (EUPOS);
  • EuroGeographics Positioning Knowledge Exchange Network;
  • Struve Geodetic Arch Coordinating Committee.

Last updated: 01.09.2021