Topographic data and maps

One of the major tasks of the Land Board is to provide the Estonian society with national topographic data and maps. Topographic data are information about natural and/or physical features of a landscape (waterbodies, buildings, roads, coastline, etc.).

Topographic data are captured through observations and surveying, including aerial photography and airborne laser scanning, and through data exchange with other datasets.

Topographic data are maintained in the Estonian Topographic Database (ETD) ». These data are used for the production of different maps, but ETD data are used also in several other national datasets (e.g. in Road Register).

The Land Board:

  • maintains and updates the Estonian Topographic Database (ETD) »
  • endures data exchange between ETD and other national datasets
  • produces different maps
  • maintains metadata of the Land Board’s maps
  • cooperates with international organisations
  • makes proposals for drafting or amending legislation in this field, and participates in the drafting process
  • maintains the cartographic archive
Inimene vaatab tänaval nutitelefoniga maa-ameti kaardirakendust

    Most important maps


    The collection of topographic maps of the cartographic archive contains 7180 different historical maps from the period 1946-1991.

    International cooperation in the field of cartography

    The Land Board is a member of EuroGeographics, the Association of the European National Mapping, Cadastre and Land Registry Authorities ( ») and participates actively in international cooperation.

    We provide data to digital pan-European datasets created by EuroGeographics:

    Last updated: 02.09.2021