Coordination of state land plans and project

One of the Land Board’s tasks is to participate in spatial planning procedures and in processing of civil engineering projects within the limits of its authorization. The Land Board is also responsible for collecting spatial planning data and making it available for the public.

These duties are performed by the Bureau of Spatial Planning and Building Projects.

The bureau has a close cooperation with the Department of Geology that is responsible for the review and approval of county, comprehensive and detail plans in cases, where the planning area is situated on a mineral deposit that is included in the list of deposits in the Environmental Register.

The Land Board:

  • organises and coordinates the fulfilment of spatial planning related duties;
  • participates in planning procedures and represents state interests in the procedures as a representative of the owner, person concerned or interested party;
  • makes proposals for spatial planning of state lands and orders such plans;
  • manages spatial planning information, participates in the development and provision of interoperability of planning information data sets;
  • participates in construction/building permit issuing procedures as the representative of state;
  • cooperates with other state agencies, local governments and non-governmental organisations;
  • makes proposals for drafting or amending legislation in this field, and participates in the drafting process.

Last updated: 16.09.2021